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What is Bad Faith Insurance?

Dealing with insurance companies is never easy. When you pay your policy each month, you expect that to be what protects and covers you in the case of tragedy, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way. From delays to downright refusal, insurance companies can be tough to deal with, especially when things get prolonged past the time you need your pay-out. As derailing as accidents are, the insurance battle that follows can be just as devastating.

You shouldn’t have to fight this alone. If you’re having trouble with your insurance company, hire a Bad Faith Insurance Attorney in Denver to fight on your behalf. You deserve to see the coverage you pay for, and our attorneys at the Boyle Law Firm are skilled and experienced in this area of practice. We’re no stranger to bad faith insurance claims.

When an insurance company intentionally stands in the way of paying out to a policyholder, this is considered a bad faith insurance claim, and you can dispute it. Insurance companies are often greedy, and will always look for a loophole to save money. Take it from us – we’re a retired insurance defense attorney group, now dedicated to ensuring these unloyal companies don’t continue to rob their policyholders. Fighting back against these delays or downright refusal to pay may be the only way to get your compensation that you’ve been paying your premium for.

Examples Of Bad Faith

Any kind of insurance could encounter bad faith. Home insurance, auto insurance, and even health insurance companies will try to minimize the amount they give you, or get out of paying entirely. It’s a tricky world to navigate, full of loopholes and minor windows for opportunity.

Here are a few popular instances where insurance companies exhibited bad faith towards their policyholders:

  • Failure to investigate claims in a timely or proper manner
  • Repetitive or unnecessary delays
  • Lack of communication or lying
  • Denying claims without valid reasons
  • Threats or implications of backlash if the claim is pushed further

Not all insurance companies will be untrustworthy, but it’s important to have someone on your side that can help if they do become nasty towards you and the compensation you deserve.

Who Can Help You?

Who better to fight against the greed of insurance companies than those who fight on their behalf to begin with? At Boyle Law Firm, we know this industry. We know the bad guys. Their games were our games. All of their strategies are our strategies now.

We won’t let them get away with screwing our clients out of the payout they deserve.

And you shouldn’t let them either!

Contact our bad faith attorney at Boyle Law Firm for more information on how we can pursue your claim and speed up the process, while protecting you from the games insurance companies like to play with their unsuspecting policyholders.

What To Expect From Your Claim

Our attorney will walk you through each step, so you’re never alone in this battle.