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Pedestrian Injury Accident Lawyer: Your Ally in Crisis

Need a pedestrian injury accident lawyer? Here’s why.

Every year, thousands of pedestrians are injured, some fatally, in accidents involving motor vehicles. Walking, a healthy and cost-effective method of transportation, can suddenly end in tragedy due to negligence or recklessness. With no protection around them, pedestrians often sustain serious injuries, impacting their work, wellbeing, and sometimes even ending their lives.

The alarming nature of these accidents and the often complex, drawn-out process of fighting for justice makes having an advocate in this battle a priceless asset. This is precisely where pedestrian injury accident lawyers come in, to be your ally during these challenging times.

Below we provide a glimpse of the situation at hand:

  • Nearly 7,000 Americans lost their lives in pedestrian-related accidents last year.
  • More than 75,000 pedestrians are injured annually.
  • 80% of pedestrian crashes occur in urban areas, with the remaining 20% happening in rural regions.
  • Most pedestrian-involved accidents do not occur in or near intersections.
  • Drunken or drugged driving or walking causes half of these accidents.
  • Seniors and children are particularly at risk, each group comprising about 20% of victims.

Infographic depicting statistics about pedestrian accidents - pedestrian injury accident lawyer infographic 3_stage_pyramid

Despite the staggering statistics and the painful reality they represent, all hope is not lost. As pedestrian injury accident lawyers, we at The Boyle Law Firm arm ourselves with the expertise, resources, and dedication necessary to fight on your behalf. We know how important it is to receive the full compensation you deserve, and we are prepared to take on the complex processes necessary to achieve that goal.

In the sections that follow, we will unpack the realities of pedestrian accidents, delve into the role of a pedestrian accident lawyer, and guide you through your next steps if you, unfortunately, find yourself a victim. So, let’s navigate these troubled waters together and find a path towards justice and healing.

Understanding Pedestrian Accidents: Causes and Consequences

Pedestrian accidents are a severe issue that can lead to serious injuries or even death. As pedestrian injury accident lawyers, we’re here to shed light on the common causes and devastating impacts of these incidents.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, but there are several common causes that we often encounter in our practice. The first is driver negligence. This includes behaviors like speeding, distracted driving, failing to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Another common cause is poor street design or inadequate maintenance. This includes poorly lit streets, lack of sidewalks, or intersections designed without consideration for pedestrian safety. In these instances, local governments or property owners could potentially be held liable for accidents.

Lastly, pedestrian behavior can sometimes contribute to accidents. This could include jaywalking, walking in areas not intended for pedestrian use, or walking while distracted.

The Devastating Impact of Pedestrian Accidents: Injuries and Fatalities

Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable in traffic accidents because they lack the protective shell provided by vehicles. As a result, pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries or even death. In 2015, for instance, nearly 5,376 pedestrians were killed, accounting for 18% of all traffic fatalities .

Injuries sustained in pedestrian accidents can range from minor cuts and bruises to more severe conditions like broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. In the worst cases, these injuries can lead to long-term disability or death.

As pedestrian injury accident lawyers, we see first-hand the physical, emotional, and financial toll these accidents can take. Not only do victims have to deal with the immediate pain and trauma of the accident, but they also often face hefty medical bills, lost wages, and reduced quality of life. In cases of fatal accidents, families are left to grieve the loss of a loved one while also dealing with funeral expenses and loss of income.

Understanding the causes and consequences of pedestrian accidents is the first step in preventing them and seeking justice when they do occur. If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, don’t hesitate to contact a pedestrian injury accident lawyer to discuss your case.

The Role of a Pedestrian Injury Accident Lawyer

When you’re involved in a pedestrian accident, it can feel like you’re all alone in a complex world of legalities and insurance claims. This is where a pedestrian injury accident lawyer comes into play. They can guide you through the entire process, ensuring that your rights are protected and that you get the compensation you deserve.

Gathering Evidence and Establishing Liability

A pedestrian injury accident lawyer’s first task is to investigate your accident thoroughly. They will gather evidence such as witness statements, photos of the accident scene, and the driver’s license plate number. They will also acquire a copy of the police report and may even gather surveillance footage, if available .

They use this evidence to establish liability, which is crucial in any personal injury claim. If the pedestrian accident occurred due to a defect in the road or sidewalk, or on private property, your lawyer can help determine who is responsible. They may even file a claim against a city or municipality in Denver if negligence on their part is proven.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can be tough to deal with. Their main goal is to pay out as little as possible. But a pedestrian injury accident lawyer acts as your advocate, negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf.

Anything you say to insurance representatives can be used against you. Therefore, it’s wise to let your lawyer handle all communications with the insurance company. This ensures your best interests are protected and increases the likelihood of a fair payout .

Pursuing Maximum Compensation

The ultimate goal of a pedestrian injury accident lawyer is to get you the maximum possible compensation for your injuries. This includes not just medical expenses, but also lost wages, pain and suffering, and future medical costs if you suffered permanent injuries or disabilities as a result of the accident.

Your lawyer will calculate the full extent of your damages and aggressively pursue all liable parties. If necessary, they will take your case to trial to ensure you get the compensation you deserve .

In conclusion, a pedestrian injury accident lawyer is your ally in crisis. They handle the legal complexities, allowing you to focus on your recovery. They fight for your rights and work tirelessly to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. So if you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, don’t hesitate to contact a pedestrian injury accident lawyer to discuss your case.

Legal Aspects of Pedestrian Accidents in Colorado

Understanding the legalities of pedestrian accidents can be complex. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the laws in Colorado to ensure you’re navigating your case correctly. There are two key legal aspects you should be aware of: comparative negligence and the statute of limitations for filing a claim.

Comparative Negligence in Colorado

Colorado operates under a rule of comparative negligence. This means that if you, as a pedestrian, are found to be partially at fault for your accident, it can impact the amount of compensation you’re able to receive. For instance, if you’re found to be 20% at fault, your compensation will be reduced by that percentage.

This may sound straightforward, but insurance companies often attempt to shift more blame onto the pedestrian to limit the amount they have to pay out. This is where the expertise of a pedestrian injury accident lawyer is invaluable. We at The Boyle Law Firm can help gather and present evidence to establish liability and ensure you’re not unfairly blamed for the accident.

Statute of Limitations for Filing a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit in Colorado

You can’t file a claim for your injuries indefinitely. Colorado law sets a time limit, known as the statute of limitations, for filing a pedestrian accident lawsuit. This deadline is crucial to your case, and missing it can lead to your claim being dismissed entirely, regardless of its merits.

In Colorado, you generally have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit. This may seem like a long time, but considering the time needed for recovery, gathering evidence, and building a strong case, it’s wise to get the process started as soon as possible.

An experienced pedestrian injury accident lawyer can help ensure you meet all necessary deadlines and guide you through the complex legal process. At The Boyle Law Firm, we understand the urgency and work diligently to get your case moving promptly.

Understanding these legal aspects can make a significant difference in your case. Partnering with a knowledgeable legal team like ours can make the process less daunting and increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

How The Boyle Law Firm Can Help You

The aftermath of an accident can be a challenging time, filled with confusion, stress, and uncertainty. As your trusted pedestrian injury accident lawyer, we at Boyle Law Firm are here to guide you through this tough time and help you secure the justice and compensation you deserve.

Proven Track Record in Personal Injury Cases

Our experience and success in handling personal injury cases, including pedestrian accidents, set us apart. We have a proven track record of delivering results for our clients. We have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements, demonstrating our dedication and expertise in navigating the complexities of personal injury law. Our team’s extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies, combined with our knowledge of pedestrian accident laws in Colorado, ensures that we are well-equipped to handle your case.

Comprehensive Legal Support: From Investigation to Settlement or Trial

We believe in a comprehensive approach to handling personal injury cases. From the moment you enlist our services, we commit to:

  • Conducting a thorough investigation of your accident
  • Aggressively pursuing all liable parties
  • Gathering crucial evidence to support your claim
  • Filing all required paperwork in a timely manner
  • Calculating the full extent of your damages
  • Negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf
  • If necessary, taking your case to trial

Our aim is to take the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your recovery while we handle the legal aspects of your case.

Free Consultation with Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

We understand that taking the first step can be intimidating. That’s why we offer a free consultation to potential clients. During this consultation, we’ll listen to your story, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with an honest assessment of your case. This initial meeting is a chance for you to get to know us and for us to understand your situation better, ensuring that we can provide the most effective representation possible.

When you’re dealing with the aftermath of a pedestrian accident, you don’t have to face it alone. We are here to stand by your side, fight for your rights, and help you navigate through this crisis. At the Boyle Law Firm, we are not just your lawyers, we are your allies.

Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident

After a pedestrian accident, it’s crucial to take the right steps to protect yourself, your rights, and your potential compensation claim.

Seeking Immediate Medical Attention

The first and foremost step after a pedestrian accident is to seek immediate medical attention. Even if your injuries seem minor, don’t underestimate the potential of underlying or delayed symptoms. A detailed medical report soon after the accident can be a crucial piece of evidence in your claim, as it links your injuries directly to the incident.

Documenting the Accident and Injuries

Once you’ve sought medical attention, it’s important to document the accident and your injuries thoroughly. This includes writing down your account of the incident, keeping a thorough record of medical bills, loss of wages, and other expenses related to the accident.

If possible, gather evidence from the accident scene such as photographs of your injuries, the vehicle involved, and the surrounding area. Keep track of eyewitnesses and their contact information as they could be valuable in backing up your version of events.

Contacting a Pedestrian Injury Accident Lawyer

The last but equally important step is to contact a pedestrian injury accident lawyer. Insurance companies and opposing parties are likely to look for any opportunity to dispute your claim and minimize their payout. This is where we, at The Boyle Law Firm, step in as your ally.

We will provide you with valuable advice and guide you through the process, taking care of the logistics of your claim while you focus on your recovery. Our experienced lawyers will work tirelessly to gather relevant evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and if necessary, take your case to trial.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start building a strong personal injury claim on your behalf. Reach out to us at 720-379-5480 to be connected to one of our experienced attorneys.

In conclusion, taking these steps and having a pedestrian injury accident lawyer by your side can be crucial in securing the compensation you deserve after a pedestrian accident. At The Boyle Law Firm, we are committed to fighting for your rights and helping you navigate your way through this crisis.

Conclusion: Why a Pedestrian Injury Accident Lawyer is Your Ally in Crisis

Walking along the street should not be a risk, but the reality is that pedestrian accidents are a widespread concern. The aftermath of such an incident can lead to overwhelming medical bills, lost wages, and an overall emotional burden that can be hard to bear. That’s where we, at The Boyle Law Firm, step in. A pedestrian injury accident lawyer is not just a legal advisor; they are your ally in a crisis.

Navigating the complex world of insurance claims and legal proceedings can be a daunting task. But when you engage a pedestrian injury accident lawyer, you’re enlisting the help of someone who understands these intricacies and will fight for your rights. This is not a battle you have to face alone.

We’re there to guide you every step of the way. Our role goes beyond legal representation; we’re there to provide emotional support and ensure your rights are protected. We take on the insurance companies, fight for your rightful compensation, and provide comprehensive legal support from the start of the investigation to the settlement or trial.

It is also crucial to remember that time is of the essence. Every state has its statute of limitations for personal injury claims, and in Colorado, pedestrian accident victims have two years to file a lawsuit from the date of their accident. With a pedestrian injury accident lawyer by your side, you can ensure that all the necessary steps are taken promptly and within the legal time frame.

The initial settlement offers after an injury are often lowball offers designed to make your claim go away fast and for the least amount possible. A pedestrian injury accident lawyer has your best interest at heart and will negotiate a settlement that fully compensates you for your losses.

A pedestrian injury accident lawyer is your advocate, your counsel, and your ally in seeking the justice you deserve. At The Boyle Law Firm, we’re committed to standing by you throughout this crisis, providing the support, knowledge, and legal expertise you need to overcome this challenging time.

For more information about how we can assist you, reach out to us for a free consultation. We stand ready to help you navigate this crisis and fight for the justice you deserve.

Justice - pedestrian injury accident lawyer

In the end, after a pedestrian accident, your priority should be recovery. Let us handle the rest. We are not just your lawyers; we are your allies in this crisis.